Membership Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions for online & group members
Medical Policy

WST Community and all associated services are not intended as a substitute for any advice or treatment prescribed by a doctor.

It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that there are no medical reasons why they should not begin a healthy eating campaign.

If in any doubt at all, members should speak to their doctor.

  • WST Community is available to members between the ages of 12 and 16th birthday free of charge and only if they are accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Anyone who has any medical problems, is taking any medication, is pregnant or breast-feeding must disclose this information during registration.
  • Members with diabetes or celiac disease will be able to benefit fully from our healthy eating plan and should always incorporate the advice given by their care team or GP.
Because our members’ health is important to us, we’re unable to offer membership to the following groups:
  • People with eating disorders. If you have or if you are concerned that you may have an eating disorder it is important to consult your doctor for advice.
  • People with cancer, liver or kidney disease. There is always a risk that any weight changes you experience could be due to your illness rather than dietary adjustments and we would be concerned about supporting you properly and fully in your weight loss campaign. If you were looking to lose weight during your illness or treatment, we would encourage you to discuss your weight concerns with your doctor or specialist.
  • Mums to be: Members who become pregnant after joining We Slim Together will have limited access to the weight support service.

If you have a medical condition, which may be adversely affected by exercise you should consult your doctor before following any exercise information given. It is required that each member takes personal responsibility for themselves when doing any exercise that has been advised by WST Community or their representative, either at or outside the group. If, at any time while exercising, a member feels any ill effects then they must stop doing the exercise and it is advisable that they check this out with their doctor.

Terms & conditions of being an online member

WST Online membership is quarterly or yearly subscriptions

  • Quarterly – £29.95 every 3 month
  • Yearly – £89.95 every year

Prices outside the UK may be different.

Following the first payment, membership continues automatically on a quarterly or yearly basis, depending on which

Subscription you chose.

Cancellation of online membership

Once you have become a member (minimum 3 months subscription) you can cancel your re-subscriptions at any time by giving us 2 weeks notice or cancelling your payment method through the recurring dashboard on PayPal. Until we receive this notice or you cancel you payment methods to us the subscription will continue to be deducted from your chosen payment method used upon registration.

If you wish to cancel, please let us know by email (stating your full name, address & registered e-mail address) at: .

If you do not receive a response within 7 days, please contact us again or check your access online.

Terms & Conditions of being a group member


  • Members can take 6 holidays per year (Max of 2 in any 4 months)
  • Holidays must be pre-booked at least 48 hours notice before group.
  • Holidays must be booked when purchasing a prepaid option – cannot be added in later. (Max of 2 holidays during any 12 weeks prepaid plan)
  • Holidays can not be allocated during a discounted plan.

Miss a week

  • If you miss a week and have not booked a holiday you must pay the missing week/weeks the following week or re-join as a new member (lose all previous history when using this option).
  • Miss 3 consecutive weeks without having a holiday booked you will automatically become inactive losing all access to online services immediately. If you wish to come back you will have to re-join as a new member.

Shift workers

What is a shift worker?

A shift worker is someone who works on a rota system in his or her employment and works different shifts every week and not within their control.

If you can’t make a weekly group due to being a shift worker you MAY be entitled to not pay that week.

To be registered with WST Community as a shift worker you must provide proof of job to avail of this service, as the work patterns are not within your control.

If you are working you must give 48 hours notice that you will miss group otherwise you will be charged for the missing week.

Additional Terms
Personal information & how it’s used

To register for the member’s area of our website, we request the following personal information: first name, surname, email address, start weight, height & date of birth. This information, and any personal information received thereafter, is used for the purpose of verifying membership of a WST Community group or online member and to personalise your experience within the members’ area.

Member’s online access

Because online support access is free to all our members at group to complement the support you receive at group (not to replace it). If you’re unable to attend group for 3 weeks or more, you’ll spot that online access will be withdrawn.

As a target member, if you choose not to come along to group, your account will remain active for 1 week. After the 4th missed group, your online account will be ‘hibernated’.

As soon as you’ve been back to group, you will be able to register for online services again.

If you’re not yet a target member and choose not to come along to group your account will remain active for 1 week. After the 3rd missed group, your online account will be closed.

If you are an online member and your subscription is cancelled your online account will close at the end of the current subscription.

Your right to cancel your online membership

If you become a member of WST Online via this website you have a short “cooling off period” when you have the right to cancel your membership. The right finishes 7 days after registering (having not entered the members only’ area on Facebook) or after registering your weight with the online consultant, – whichever occurs soonest.

The right to cancel your membership ends once you have begun to use the online services. Information that follows our profile building and accessing our member’s only support Facebook page constitutes part of our services to our members. Because our service starts immediately on entering the members’ homepage, by accessing this information you will have utilised our services and your right to cancel your new membership will have ended.

Members cancelling their online membership within the 7 days must return the members booklet received in the post.

Transferring online membership to group membership

Transferral of online membership to group membership can be arranged for group attendance agreed by WST Online. We endeavour to provide a voucher that reflects, as closely as possible, the value of online membership remaining, however we’re unable to refund any difference.

Online members wishing to transfer their membership should keep their book pack in order to use these at their WST Community group each week.
To request a pause or transfer, please contact us by email (stating your full name & registered email address)

Re-subscriptions and cancellation

Once you have become a member (minimum 3 months subscription) you can cancel your re-subscriptions at any time by giving us 2 weeks notice. Until we receive this notice or you cancel you payment methods to us the subscription will continue to be deducted from your chosen payment method used upon registration.

If you wish to cancel, please let us know by letter or email (stating your full name, address & registered e-mail address) at: or post a letter to

WST Community, PO BOX 120, Antrim. Co. Antrim. BT41 9BY

If you do not receive a response within 7 days, please contact us again or check your access online.


This website is intended for use by those over the age of 18 years. No one under that age should carry out any activity whatsoever based on the information on this website. People under 16 can join WST Community support groups with support of an active adult member.

Whilst we will try to ensure that the WST Online remains up and functional we cannot be held responsible if there are temporary interruptions to the service provided to you in the event of technical difficulties.

The information provided to you on this site is based on our best understanding of nutritional and dietary research. It follows generally accepted standards of dietary recommendations in the United Kingdom.

Whilst we make all reasonable attempts to exclude viruses from the website, we cannot ensure such exclusion and no liability is accepted for viruses. You are, therefore, recommended to take all appropriate safeguards before downloading information or images from this website.

Save in respect of personal injury or death, our total liability to you in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the WST Online services shall be limited to the price paid for the services or goods ordered and the reasonable costs of returning goods or materials to us.