• Food for energy

    3 Tips to Eat Well for Energy

    Do you find yourself feeling tired and run-down? This week we are talking about the small changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to boost your energy! What and when you eat can have a profound effect on your energy levels… Those people …Continue reading »

  • Healthy eating

    Why You Should Plan Meals Around Your Veg

    Traditionally, when we plan meals we tend to think of which carbs or meat to have first, and then think of which vegetables to have with the meal second, most often as a small side to the main carb or meat. To reap the most …Continue reading »

  • Importance of sleep

    The Importance of Sleep

    When we decide that we want to be healthier, we often focus on eating better food and incorporating exercise into our lifestyles, which is great, but one critical factor that we often overlook is the importance of sleep. It is believed that we need around …Continue reading »

  • Health Advice

    Become a GI Jane or Joe

    Life is full of choices. Sometimes so many that we can feel overwhelmed. And when it comes to fitness and health, there seem to be a million options and choices to be made. From exercise routines, to diets that promise next day results or plans …Continue reading »

  • Home cooking ideas

    Eat well for less!

    Christmas behind us, all the luxurious food consumed and both our bodies and our bank balance need a break! This week’s tips will help you make better, cheaper meals that taste fabulous and trim your waistline—along with your food bill. Healthy eating on a budget …Continue reading »

  • Family meal ideas

    Live cooking of a family favourite low calorie creamy garlic taggliatelli

    Need a family favourite meal? Want to know what to do with leftover cold cuts of meat? Cook a meal in less than 10 mins and save calories while not losing flavour. Less than 85 WST daily calories per portion.

  • Stress and eating

    De-stress with better food choices this Christmas

    Christmas is a stressful time of year for many. Money can be tight, missing loved ones and having so much to squeeze into a few short days, can and will cause stress. These raised emotions and stresses can have an effect on what we eat, …Continue reading »

  • Avoid The Gift of Additional Calories This Christmas

    This week were gearing up for Christmas. The average person gains 3-6lbs over Christmas; enough to make your clothes feel tight, or tip you into the next size up. Rather than denying yourself all those festive treats, just follow my guide to avoiding all the …Continue reading »

  • We Slim Together

    Eyes on The Fries

    Zoe’s chip addiction was causing her to go blind.. Opening the polystyrene box, I grabbed a wooden fork and speared as many chips as I could fit in my mouth. As usual, I’d had a rough day at school and was consoling myself with my …Continue reading »

  • Benefits of water

    WHY DRINK MORE FLUIDS? The 6 wonders of water!

    This week I became a the new nutritional columnist for Sugahfix. Each month I will be sharing nutritional tips and advice, here is my first article please give it a read. Today I have a question for you, are you drinking enough fluids? It is no …Continue reading »

  • A new lease of life for Emma

    As Emma Huston’s weight rose steadily her self confidence was on a downward spiral. Every time someone mentioned going out or attending a family gathering she panicked desperately trying to find a reason not to go. At just over 17 stone Emma, 36, knew it …Continue reading »

  • Healthy Eating

    No fear of Christmas Turkey for Dani this year!

    FOR 30-year-old Dani Quinn a photograph of herself at a Christmas dinner was enough to shock her into weight loss action. With the help of We Slim Together (WST) the Antrim woman has lost more than two stone and is feeling more confident than ever. …Continue reading »