Lesley Bolton From Antrim Lost 6 stone with WST and this star slimming has changed her life for ever!


AFTER years battling high blood pressure, Ill-health and depression Lesley Bolton knew she had to lose weight to avoid life-threatening complications. Now after shedding more than six stone she has her life under control and looks forward to the future as a confident healthy woman.

The turning point came after she joined the We Slim Together programme in Antrim and began her life changing transformation. “I really needed to lose the weight and get healthy for a number of factors,” she said. “I had very high blood pressure I have ulcerative colitis and suffered greatly with clinical depression due to my illness and because I was overweight” Lesley found it difficult to socialise and often played up to the ‘big and bubbly’ stereotype.

After an unhappy marriage she was left with spiralling high blood pressure, beta blockers, strong anti-depressants and a trail of failed ‘fad’ diets. It was then that Lesley was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. In and out of hospital she was put on a very high dose of steroids.

“I was so low and felt like I was back at square one. Once medication had got my colitis under control i felt like it was then time to do something once and for all,” she said. It was then that an overheard conversation changed her future when she went to the We Slim Together group in Antrim. She has never looked back.

Lesley maintained her commitment until she reached her weight loss target of shedding six stone. “From the moment I walked in I was at ease,” she said. “I listened to the plan and though it was so realistic and something I could stick too. Never would I have thought then that in a few short years I would be running not one but two of my own groups!”


“It has completely changed my life inside and out. I feel confident and happy in my physical appearance. “I have also been taken off all blood pressure medication. My colitis is under control due to the good clean eating. I never feel deprived with treat day once per week – I can still enjoy my Saturday night chocolate.

Lesley pays tribute to the We Slim Together for making her a positive person and mother. “I can honestly say that I actually like myself now. Not only has We Slim Together done all this but it has given me a career that I love” she explained.

The Antrim woman is now a We Slim Together healthy eating consultant and runs the groups in Lisburn and Larne and is a part-time administrator for the programme. “Every member means the world to me and seeing their faces on the scales every week or chatting to them over our Facebook support page is a pleasure.”

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