Day: Monday

Times: 10:00am / 6:30pm /

Venue: Magherafelt Baptist Church

Address: 6 Ballyronan Rd BT45 6BP

Consultant: Hilary Gore

Telephone: 07871022601

Hilary joined WST Community on the launch night 9th April 2013.

After loosing 7.5 stone 17 years ago Hilary’s life changed dramatically, getting divorced, moving back from living in Scotland and starting life as a single mum all took its tole on Hilary’s health, diet and lifestyle.

Luckily Hilary rebuilt her life, found the love of her life Douglas and became settled and content. Contentment lead to piling on the pounds and within a few years she had gained most of her weight. Having tried every slimming group going and failing with them all Hilary joined WST Community and never looked back.

With 6 stone lost she has embraced the WST Community lifestyle and has enjoyed feeling healthy. Her passion now is to help, encourage and guide others on their weight loss journeys.