Day: Friday

Times: 9.30am / /

Venue: Ballysally Community Centre

Address: Ballysally Rd.

Consultant: Louise McClements

Telephone: 07715 286 505

Hi everyone my name is Louise, im 36 and I am married with 3 kids .

I joined WST in December 2018 as my weight had got out of control it affected my mood my self esteem and it was affecting my family, as i didnt want to do anything if i wasnt working i was laying about the house in my pjs .
My journey with WST has been fantastic i got into enjoying cooking again and going out with my kids and the support from I received frommy class was amazing. I loved listening to  the WST members stories it helped motivate me each week . Each week when I had a loss my self esteem started to grow and began to love me again and I felt great .

The only challenge i found difficult was going out for tea but I learened to plan and prepare by looking at the menu online or phoning and asking did they have healthy options.


With WST I lost 5 and a half stone in just over 5 months ?

I wanted to take on the role of a consultant because i wanted to help people feel the way i feel, and direct them into a healthy way of living again to give them the support and knowledge that i was given. But most importantly have them love themselves again ❤