We Slim Together Consultant

At her heaviest Hilary Gore, 46, from Portglenone was 16st 12lbs.  She was living on anti-depressants, pain killers, inhalers and admits she was desperately unhealthy.

We Slim Together Consultant

On the outside she seemed happy with her life but inside it was a different story.

“I was big bubbly Hilary who secretly inside was dying a slow death” she revealed.

“I worked in a shop running the hot food department and I ate all the time, no, I gorged all the time and I smiled at everyone but I was so unhappy.  Some days I wanted to scream ‘help’.”

At family gatherings Hilary would hide in the background of the photographs, her confidence and self esteem were at an all-time low whilst her weight was at an all-time high.

“I knew I was overweight; I knew I looked a state but I didn’t believe I would ever be anything else.  I hid behind a smile” said Hilary.

“I sank into a corner during family gatherings, I was fat and frumpy and I tried to become invisible.  I had to use inhalers every day because I didn’t have a breath in me, I was constantly tired and constantly wishing things would change.”

At times Hilary felt like giving up she says some days were harder than others.  But becoming part of the We Slim Together support group online meant she could keep in touch with others in the same position and she embraced her new life and new challenges no matter how hard they were.

She said: “I had tried other weight loss groups and failed.  Now I take weight loss groups for We Slim Together myself, I can’t believe it.

“I’ve changed, I love life, I’m confident, happy and most of all healthy.”

For Hilary, her weight loss journey is more than getting rid of excess weight, she’s made a life change.

“My journey will never end.  It’s a healthy lifestyle, why would I want to ever stop healthy eating” she said.

“Yes, I’m human and I put on a few pounds over Christmas and when I go on holiday but the beauty is now that I know my healthy eating will always get rid of that.”

Four years ago Hilary shied away from enjoying activities such as pampering herself, now it’s a different story.

“I would never have dreamt of doing things like wee girlie treats such as getting my hair or nails done.  I wouldn’t say I love myself now but I do like myself a lot more and enjoy these things now” she said.

Hilary has not only changed her own life but is supporting hundreds of others by hosting 8 groups in 3 locations every week and online daily and driving her own career with her business. Explore consultant opportunities more.

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