• What benefits do I have by being a paying weekly WST Community group member?

    Confidential weigh in, face to face support from a supportive community, taster nights, access fortnightly to Oh So Lean products, low fat recipes, cooking tips, daily support through our secret face book group, daily support, access to member content on our website, food plans and much much more.

  • What benefits do online members get?

    A members pack directly to your door, access to our private member’s website content including recipes and cooking tips, access to secret Facebook group where active community helps each other achieve their goals, support from an online consultant via Facebook, email & telephone, keep track of your weight loss by recording your weekly weight with your online consultant, recognition for special milestones with certificates sent electronically

  • How do I get access to the WST Community’s members area?

    If you are a member, you can use the invite code you get in class to register on this website and gain access to the members area.

  • What if I miss a week at group?

    Sometimes things unexpected crop up and you may not be able to make it to group. As a member you are entitled to 9 holidays per year. If you know you cant make it you can notify your consultant by text, call or email within 48hrs of group so they can book you in for a holiday. If we dont get notification you will be charged for that week and any other week you miss without notice when you come back to class. If a member misses 3 three weeks they will become inactive and will lose access to the members area and removed from the secret face book group.

  • What if I wish to come back after missing 3 weeks and becoming inactive?

    You have 2 options –

    1. Pay for missing weeks to keep your weight loss history
    2. Rejoin as a new member by paying joining fee and weekly cost (you will lose any previous history)

Need to ask us anything else? You can send an email to info@wstcommunity.co.uk or phone us on 028 94228129 Monday 9am-1pm, Wednesday & Friday 9AM – 3PM or out of hours on 07544 546 355.