Ellen Tang (57) is a Homemaker from Ballyclare who is married with three children and six grandchildren. She decided to join the WST Community to get fitter and healthier.

“I was depressed, with no confidence. I felt nervous at times, and ugly. I had low self-esteem and was very unhappy with how I looked.”

Ellen’s weight gain was due to health problems following treatment for breast cancer but has now lost almost 3 stone thanks to WST Community.

“I gained a lot of weight after my mastectomy and after I had finished treatment for breast cancer. I looked up the WST Community and joined one year after my treatment. I realised I was one of the lucky people who survived cancer, and that was the turning point for me.”

Encouraged and supported by her family, Ellen decided it was time to make changes in her life for the better.

“My family were a great support to me. They made sure I got up and took me out at times when I didn’t feel I had the energy to. Before I lost weight, even getting dressed could feel like such an effort.”

Being inspired by others in the community helped to keep Ellen focused on her goals, even though the more challenging times.

“Walking through the door at the start of my journey was one of my biggest challenges, as well as the medication I still have to take, but I’m working around it. I never felt like giving up – others in the group share their journeys, struggles, and goals, which keeps everyone motivated.”

Ellen has been a member of the WST Community for four years and believes that her journey is a lifelong one.

“I feel like a new woman; I have self-worth again. I have confidence now, and nothing gets in my way to help others. I feel like I can share my journey with others, not just my weight loss, but my cancer story too.”

Ellen recently won the Dedicated Member Award, sponsored by Richard Barber & Co at the 2018 WST Community Awards in recognition of her dedication to her wellbeing and determination to succeed, regardless of difficulties she has faced, and she is keen to encourage others who are considering making a positive life change to come along to a WST Community group to try it out for themselves. 

“Come along to a group – the support is there, and we do not have to go it alone. Once you have made that first step youwill never look back. You will never feel alone or judged. We are all human and unique in our own ways, but we are all in this together.”

Do you want to get healthy and change your lifestyle? Join a group or online today